Sunday, December 08, 2019

Back in 1989, when I switched from repairing Consumer Electronics to Computer repair, there were only a handful of computer repair shops. In those days your choices were either the IBM PC, XT, AT or a few IBM clones. Computer sales relied on computer software and most repair shops had programmers writing programs tailored to each business that required constant software upgrades. Inventory, work flow tracking and Accounting were the main focus of clients. Computers spread like wild fire and immediately there was the need to connect them together and the LAN installation business took off. Network wiring began to evolve quickly from Coax, to Twisted Pair. Coax or Broadband as it is called now, cost more and required more Network Troubleshooting than the Twisted pair Network Installations borrowed from the Phone systems. The Twisted Pair evolved from Category 2 to CAT3, to CAT5 then CAT5e and now CAT6.

Twenty one years later MyTECH Services ran Fiber to the Desktop PC. Local programmers have been replaced by Website developers. Computer repair is being taken over by Laptop repair. Printer repair has been replaced by throw away printers. Now with Remote Desktop Support, you don’t even have to travel or wear a tie. I like it!

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